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 We only do one things --embroidery digitizing for you .
 Great Wall embroidery digitizing is one of the most respected embroidery digitizing companies in China , established in January 1994 , was started as an in-house digitizing studio with our embroidery business .
 Before 1998 , We only digitized designs for in-house use , But with the increasing of requests for us to provide digitizing services to others ,In 2000 we decided to sell our embroidery business and focus on embroidery digitizing service , at the same time , We give our embroidery digitizing service to oversea market , Till now , We have worked for satisfied clients in different countries including USA and Canada and UK ,Norway , Australia etc .With more than decade of experiences in embroidery and digitizing field ,We know your needs ,We have done more than 20.000 business designs , We have the capacity to undertake extremely complicated designs. So you can count on us for all kinds of designes , including ,hats logo ,left logo ,back design ,Patches on various fabrics, textures, garment, Apparel .Our 20 digitizers with rich experience always behind your design.


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